www.gluckgear.com Supports NFPA

www.gluckgear.com Supports NFPA


Check out our newest NFPA supporter – GLUCK Gear! If you are looking at great quality shirts, fishing gear, surfing gear, coolers, etc, then this is the website for you. Thanks to the owners of GLUCK Gear for their support of foster families and the children they so valiantly serve day in and day out. Their partnership with NFPA will bring much needed funds to help NFPA better serve these families and children. This is a win-win for you, as the consumer……great merchandise while supporting the work of NFPA. Just go to www.gluckgear.com.

About GLUCK Gear

The Gluck logo was created as a way for people to say “Good Luck”. Gluck is slang for Good Luck. Our family has used this phrase since I was a child, based on a short-story written by Patrick McManus.

The short term goal is to create a logo, brand products, sell them, to support the National Foster Parent Association. In the beginning we will be donating money to the National Foster Parent Association who support the hundreds of thousands of families in the foster system. The long term goal is to continue to donate the National Foster Parent Association, as well as, build a fund, to buy a ranch/camp to offer a place to say thanks to foster parents in addition to provide a place for foster kids to just be kids and enjoy themselves.

A purchase from GluckGear.com supports foster Kids and the National Foster Parent Association. A minimum of 10% of proceeds will be donated annually to the National Foster Parent Association. Let’s get this to “catch on” where we can, Gluck to all, It’s Catchy!

Thank you, The Stiles’


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