Talking With Older Youth About Adoption

Talking With Older Youth About Adoption


Older youth may have some concerns about adoption, like the belief that they are being disloyal to their birth families or they don’t understand the value of permanency when they are so close to the perceived freedom of adulthood. As a professional, it can be difficult to know what questions to ask and what language to use in conversations with older youth about adoption.

This year’s National Adoption Month website features a downloadable tip sheet, “Talking With Older Youth About Adoption,” which was created to help you navigate conversations with youth. It includes sample questions and suggestions for reframing permanency discussions.

Also visit Involving and Empowering Older Youth to learn more about how engaging and involving youth in the process promotes permanency and improves practice. This information is designed to be used in tandem with resources dedicated to recruiting,
developing, and supporting adoptive families.

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