NFPA partnered with LegalShield

IDShield does not have the same vulnerability of exposing its member’s personal email addresses. When choosing an identity theft solution, consumers have the right to superior protection – comprehensive monitoring, guaranteed restoration if something were to happen.

Lots of consumers have already made the right decision by choosing identity protection. Now it’s time to choose the right partner, IDShield!

The National Foster Parent Association (NFPA) partnered with LegalShield to provide legal and identity protection for its Members, Foster Families and Supporters, Associates, Businesses and Commercial Drivers as well as their families all across the United States. With every plan implemented, a portion of the proceeds is directed to support the work of the NFPA.

The premier services that provide unparalleled protection are LegalShield and IDShield. With the recent security breach that is certain to have implications for several years, it is wise to be proactive in ensuring protection for ourselves and our families.


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