Disaster Preparedness for Child Welfare Agencies and Families

Summer weather patterns are unpredictable and sometimes serve up severe thunderstorms, tornados, or hurricanes. Being prepared for these and other potential disasters are essential to staying safe and maintaining some semblance of normalcy in the face of danger and unrest.

Federal law requires child welfare agencies to develop disaster plans to serve the children, youth, and families in their care during natural disasters or emergency situations. You will find several resources on the Child Welfare Information Gateway website to help child welfare agencies plan and prepare for unexpected emergencies. Our 2016 fact sheet, Disaster Planning for Child Welfare Agenciesoutlines the key elements of disaster planning for child welfare agencies and provides several examples of state and local preparedness plans. The fact sheet also features a list of additional resources with comprehensive guidance on disaster planning.

For families, Information Gateway’s 2017 National Child Abuse Prevention Month website offers a helpful tip sheet, Preparing Your Family for an Emergency. This tip sheet provides families with concrete actions they can take to prepare for a potential emergency, including the importance of preparing an emergency supplies kit and pointers on drafting evacuation, shelter-in-place, and family communication plans.


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