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US: Some foster kids are turning to ‘survival sex’ to make ends meet
Circa – October 11, 2016
Survival sex is defined as “trading sex for food, a place to sleep and other basic needs,” and one in three homeless kids and teens have done it, according to a survey by the National Alliance to End Homelessness.

US: Better Integrating Behavioral Health, Juvenile Justice Systems Will Rescue More Kids
Youth Today – October 10, 2016
It is now well-known that youth who come into contact with the juvenile justice system have high rates of mental health and substance abuse conditions – rates that far exceed those of the general youth population.

US: Drug-Addiction Epidemic Creates Crisis in Foster Care
Stateline – October 10, 2016
The nation’s drug-addiction epidemic is driving a dramatic increase in the number of children entering foster care, forcing many states to take urgent steps to care for neglected children. Also: States Scramble As Opioid Epidemic Strains Already-Burdened Foster Care Systems:

US: Homelessness: issues by the numbers and how you can help
Oxford University Press Blog – October 10, 2016
One promising intervention is the “housing first” model, which is a housing and service approach that places homeless tenants directly into affordable housing without requiring “housing readiness” prior to entry (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, 2005). Information Gateway Resource: Services for Youth: Homeless and Runaway:

US: Millennial’s foster care calling shatters 30-something stereotype
Baptist News – October 10, 2016
Being a single foster parent isn’t without its challenges, so Haston said she leans on her Dallas community, family, church small group and Buckner for physical and emotional support.

US: Proposed Tax Credit Would Reward Employers Who Hire Former Foster Youth
Youth Today – October 10, 2016
Under the bipartisan Improving Employment Outcomes for Foster Youth Act (HR 5947, S 3409), employers could receive an annual tax credit for hiring former foster youth between ages 18 and 27.

US: For Love or Money: Increasing the Number of Foster Homes (Opinion) Chronicle of Social Change – October 08, 2016

Foster children are entering the foster care system in moderately increasing numbers. At the same time, we have fewer foster families who can meet their needs. Due to major changes in family life over the past generation, the situation is not likely to get better. Blogger Co-opTo avoid a disaster, we need to change the way we recruit and treat foster parents.


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