Celebrating Reunification Month

I hope all is well and that you are staying safe and healthy. We all handle stressful situations differently. For me, even in the middle of crisis and unrest, I am making a conscientious decision to find things in the world that bring me peace and joy. I am looking for “the good” in the world, and this month, I chose to celebrate Reunifications.

National Reunification Month is celebrated in June and acknowledges the people and efforts around the country that help families to stay together. I am excited to support and promote national efforts to recognize Reunification Month.

Thank you, Mimi Laver, and Katharine Carden, ABA, Tracy Serdjenian and Keyna Franklin, Rise, Britt Cloudsdale AdoptUSKids and Jennifer Marcelli, Capacity Building Center for States, for continuing to be dedicated champions for Reunification Month. Thank you for all your work!!

ABA National Reunification Month Website

This year the site features: 

  1. Reunification Heroes (The site will be updated throughout the month, so please check back periodically. There will be more Reunification Heroes)
  2. We are the Lucky Ones: Four youth from Legal Services of New Jersey’s Reunified Foster Youth Program share their powerful reunification story Reunification Stories from Alumni of Foster Care 
  3. RISE: As part of our Fighting for Our Rights series and in recognition of National Reunification Month, Rise is exploring how parent legal representation can support reunification
  4. LFSVA Visit Coaching -“Visiting” With Kids In Care While Still At Home. 
  5. The Children’s Bureau: April 2020 memorandum highlighting the importance of Foster Care as a support to families working to support safe and successful reunifications 
  6. Past Features: IcebreakersBPNN Webinar; Siblings and ReunificationMore Resources 

The site will be updated throughout the month, so please check back periodically. You can follow on Facebook www.facebook.com.aba.CCL

NFPA– Coffee with Caregivers – National Reunification Month! https://nfpaonline.org/Coffee

AdoptUSKids – Creating Organizational Culture that Values the Role of Foster Parents in Permanency- Tuesday, June 30, 2:30-4:00 p.m. eastern.

This advanced-level webinar will help you create an agency culture that empowers foster parents to play an active role in achieving permanency for children and youth in foster care.
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ABA The ABA’s National Alliance for Parent Representation sponsored the webinar Interdisciplinary Parent Representation: Bringing Hope to Families During the Pandemic and Beyond

Casey Family ProgramExplore how Maricopa County’s judicial and child welfare systems use the Cradle to Crayons approach to improve safety and reunification Cradle to Crayons approach to improve safety and reunification. 

Foster ClubReunification Survey